The social tech wave: 5 ways non-profits must digitalize
September 26, 2022

The social tech wave: 5 ways non-profits must digitalize

You are reading this article on your computer or phone; you probably use messaging applications, data-sharing platforms, have at least one social media account, and check your bank account information online. You may have complained about the amount of paperwork and bureaucracy in your country, and suspecting that a click or an email could have solved everything way faster.

Technology is key to our everyday life, but there are actors that run behind. Charities are one of them. The good thing is, going digital is easy and cost-efficient.

Sharing information:
At best, non-profit organizations use platforms such as Google Drive. At worst, everything is printed out and stored in gargantuan folders. With millions of free tools at their disposal, charities can make internal information better available to their team by organizing data in folders, evaluating projects, labelling material by keywords, assigning roles to each employee.

Coordinating among different entities:
There are many organizations out there, but they rarely speak to each other. Everyone is just focused on their own work that they forget to communicate, and often their projects overlap. Having a platform where projects, goals, needs, resources can be shared would help charities find partners and collaborators, creating a community of NGOs.

Like any business, charities need to advertise their presence and projects. Participating in public events and organizing stands in the city center are normal practice, but with quite limited outreach. Instead, digital marketing through social media and campaigns is much more efficient. Often charities fail to invest in a marketing specialist because of budget constraints, but attracting more audience would allow them to amplify their impact.

Measuring impact:
Non-profits usually operate based on projects, meaning they constantly write and implement new activities. When you have such a huge workload, it is difficult to evaluate and follow up on them. Digital dashboards and automatization in collecting data, with minimal input from staff, helps visualize data in an easier and more understandable way; reporting becomes less time-consuming.

Fundraising and caring about donors
Collecting donations is done almost exclusively offline or through annoying mailing lists, and donors rarely receive feedback on how their money is spent. Digitalizing the process would facilitate the experience of making donations, just like an easy money transfer: no need for people going door to door asking for donations. Donors can be shown the impact of their donations through daily photos and videos, rather than impersonal annual reports.

Felloz is doing exactly this: it digitalizes donations, improving the way charities work and providing them with valuable instruments to interact with their donors.

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