The best way to publish content as an online fundraising manager for charity organisations

May 1, 2023

Producing content as a charity organisation is, in 2022, more important than ever. Since Apple basically removed any kind of tracking options and the European Union makes user-data-based advertising more complicated every year, more organic ways of marketing gain popularity every day. It's not like making content is new, but its resiliency makes it so powerful to use. So let's take a look at how you should do it.

What content should I publish?

You have to consider many essential things when producing content, but as a charity organisation, it's mostly one thing: Show your donors that things are moving. Show them the impact of being a loyal donor. There is a massive distrust in the charity industry, which an annual report hidden on the website doesn't solve. Show your supporters that you are moving forward, not staying at the same position for years, by producing content regarding progress, team meetings, new hires, and obviously: Achieved donation goals.

Where to publish content?

The best case would be: Everywhere. Depending on your team size, this is not always possible, so you have to choose your marketing channels according to your resources as a fundraising manager.

Before you start choosing online marketing channels, randomly, make sure to check two things:

  • What works best for you
  • What works best for others

According to DoubleTheDonation, most non-profits publish content on Facebook and Twitter every day and twice a week on Instagram. But this might not work for your audience of supporters. Make sure you check the most efficient channels of your own profiles.

Another insightful statistic is how often you should post content on your website. The most efficient fundraising teams claimed that they post more than nine short-form blog posts, two regular blog posts, and one long-form article every month on their website.

To keep up with that amount of content, even as only one person responsible for online marketing and fundraising at your charity organisation, I want to give you one essential tool to publish more content without producing more.

Content topics

Pick a topic for the day, for example: "How we helped kids in Afghanistan find back to a normal life."

First, you will write a blog post for your website and ensure it's detailed. You'll also need a good image to put on top of your essay. The blog post will be the basis of your topic. After that, put the main message on a 1080x1080px Canva Board, together with an image or graphic that fits.

Now you can publish the following things:

  1. The blog post on your website and Medium
  2. The designed graphic with the excerpt of the blog post as text on Instagram and a story to promote your own post
  3. A part of the blog post plus the post image as a Facebook post
  4. The main message on Twitter
  5. The image itself on Pinterest

With this, you can create one piece of content and upload it to 5 different platforms. If you are wondering if you should post the same content on different platforms? Yes, 100%. On social media, we love to consume content that fits our mood. That's why during your launch break, you may not want to read a whole blog post but rather check Twitter for any updates.

That being said, I hope you enjoy posting content a bit more now and are able to get the pace on the street to fund your organisation's projects fully.

About the Author
Nik Zechner

Niklas loves simplicity and design. As a founder of Felloz he takes on design and marketing challenges and shares them with the community.

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