Not sure what story to post - Here are the top 5 content ideas for your Felloz app
March 15, 2023

Not sure what story to post - Here are the top 5 content ideas for your Felloz app

Are you not sure what to upload as a story? I'm going to give you some ideas about that.

Stories are an essential part of the communication with your donors in your app. It helps them understand what their donation is doing and it gives you the chance to show any progress regarding the projects you are fundraising for.

The main hypothesis is:

IF we show users in our app content about our projects
THEN we collect more donations and increase the conversion rate from single to recurring givers
BECAUSE one of the biggest objections to donating is that people don't trust that their donation can do something, you prove them wrong by showing that you are working hard on making progress.

Stories do their job well. 1 in 12 people who view a story inside a Felloz donation app donate afterward.

So the question now is: What to post?

After testing out several content pieces we found the top 5 types of content you should post in your app to trigger more donations.

1. Your project team working on the cause

This is the most effective way to showcase your work. You could show:

  1. People constructing a building
  2. Your team welcoming refugees in a camp
  3. A worker brings food to a person in need
  4. Someone educating a child about a new topic

The more authentic, the better. This is probably content that is most difficult to produce, but also the most rewarding.

2. A worker on-site explaining what you will do today

This is one of the easiest ways to convey progress and helps your donors understand what you do while also showing a trustful face.

  1. "Today we are going to help new refugees"
  2. "Today we are helping homeless people out with food"
  3. Here is a video showcasing what this could look like:

3. A short interview with a worker or a person in need of help

This is the perfect way to gather impressions around the work field from all sites. Ask questions like:

  1. "Why did you start helping here?"
  2. "What's the best thing about helping?"
  3. "What story hit you the most?"
  4. "What's your favorite part of the day?"

4. Happy people with a short personal story

This works great as image content, it's easy to create and can be very impactful even as a non-video.

5. Your office team working on new ideas

Never disregard how important the work from the fundraising team or financial team is. Whenever you are working on some new ideas, having a meeting about a topic, or doing a workshop to improve the quality of your work, there is a chance to make a snapshot and capture the impression.

How to produce content

We are living in a vertical-first time now. It's easy to consume and triggers emotions in a short amount of time. Especially with the story function in your app and many other big social platforms, shooting vertical makes the most sense.

The 10-90 rule

This rule helps you with content production. You film whatever you do for 10 minutes. You combine this video with a written essay about any additional information you might not see on the video yet.
Then the magic of this rule kicks in. Go into your video editor and cut the video into smaller content pieces, like short videos, images, and graphical stories, and combine them with graphics and the text from the essay.
If you do this right you can come out of a session with up to 90 content pieces you can post cross-platform wide.

When to upload content into your app

The best uploading rhythm to upload stories into your app is twice a week, one on Monday and one on Friday. This schedule gives your donors a reason to revisit the app at least twice for any new content and helps you a lot with keeping your donors engaged. You can always add new stories multiple times a day if you want, but make sure you can keep your donors engaged for a longer period of time.

Bonus tip:

How to upload content using our content center:

  1. Make sure you got invited into the dashboard with your email account. If not, please request it here.
  2. Log into your account and click on "Content center".
  3. Upload an image or video.
  4. Add a good headline.
  5. Add a short description of what you might not see on the video, but still want to know.
  6. Give our team a hint on what project the story is linked to. We are working on a more convenient solution to that.
  7. Click "Upload content"
  8. Your story will go live in the next 24h.

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