Click, donate: welcome to SOS Children’s Village
September 26, 2022

Click, donate: welcome to SOS Children’s Village

We have good news: superheroes are among us.

We realised that when the team of Felloz travelled to Ladimirevci, a place not far from Osijek hosting one of the organisations working with us: SOS Children’s Village Croatia. Their goal is to give a caring home to children who do not have the support of their own family, and we were welcomed to their (literal) village on the occasion of their 30th birthday.

Being there with the Village’s team, cutting the cake and exchanging high-fives was a magical experience, totally worth the 4-hours drive it took to reach our destination from Zagreb. From them, we learned the true meaning of dedication and passion. Every day they strive to create the best experience for their young guests and look after every aspect of their life: from schooling to psychological service, volunteers are there, always present and ready to give their all.

“To a bright future!” we celebrated with foster mums taking care of three and more children at a time, completely out of their good will. They live in the Village with them and partake in all of the children’s successes, from the first day of school to becoming grandmas. What their care does is outstanding: children that would have close to zero chances of a good life are given the possibility to grow up happy and healthy, work on their trauma, attend school and university, and create their own family.

Nothing is taken for granted in the Village, everything is achieved through hard work. Seeing the result of such work is truly amazing and we want to bring it to you. That is why we endlessly work on our applications: we want everyone to experience what we saw, felt, spoke. We want everyone to walk the steps we’ve taken, and meet the people we greeted. We do that in a digital way, saving you the 4-hours drive, but as effectively as if you were there in person.

Take a slice of cake and discover what we do.

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