Frequently asked questions

Question 1

Why do you focus on long-time donors?

We know how important every single private donation is, but where the real value comes from is long-time donors. Their average lifetime-value is around € 360,- (might be different for your NGO). We also want to provide long-lasting value to your organization.

Question 2

How does the app work exactly?

The user can browse through all your projects, pick her/his favourite and can donate easily with a few clicks. After donation, we keep the user engaged by showing the impact their donation made and getting them constantly engaged in the app. If they want to do more, they can easily pick a monthly amount they can donate directly to your organization.

Question 3

Is your app a marketplace for all NGOs?

No, right now we provide a tailor fit software solution for your NGO. With your colors, your logo and your projects. The app helps you get donations from your current fellowship and also from new target groups.

Question 4

Is this solution right for my organization?

Our solution is perfect for organizations which already now how important online channels are for collecting donations. There needs to be a certain amount of monthly advertising budget, because of course, people won't download the app from themselves.

You are invited to contact our sales team here, where we can find out if it's the right fit for both of us.

Question 5

How do you get the content to show the impact?

To keep the user engaged, we will need lots of content pieces from you. Fortunately, this content doesn't need to be perfect at all. The more personal, the better. With our guidance, everyone in your organization is able to shoot good content. You just email us the videos and images and we will show it to your potential long-time donors in the app.

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