Learn how to use our process for more long-time donors.

We guide you through a 5-step process to ensure the best outcome for you. Let's get started!

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We start by starting.

Get in contact with our sales team, to ensure the best outcome for this project.

Tailor the app to your colors.

We start by doing a branding workshop, to get clear on the colors and which projects we should fill the app with.

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Start promoting the app.

We help you setting up the content, advertising strategy and the creatives. A good amount of ad budget is needed.

promote your donation app
Impress your donors.

After the release on the app-store, properly advertised, you can start collecting donations and impress your fans with an easy-to-use app.

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Convert them to long-time donors.

By showing the donations impact, donors are more likely to commit long-term. We use that technique to ensure real value to your organization.

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Focus on the important things.

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    Completely finance projects
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    Get your own donation app
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    Get weekly performance updates
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    Open up younger target groups
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"The donation sector needs transparent digitization!"
Der Standard

Make your supporters happy.

  • Easy to use donation app
  • Show them their impact
  • Keep them returning to you over and over again.
  • With Apple Pay, donating becomes even easier.
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"Anyone who has a smartphone can donate."
Technical University Graz

Start raising funds in a cool & fun way.

Reach younger target groups and convert them to life-long supporter by simply speaking their language.
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