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You are already best at helping people and animals in need, so let us help you with what we are best at.

raphael showing the felloz appfelloz-team-working-on-strategyCo-Founder Niklas is presenting Fellozteam and advisary board at fellozour first offline fundraising campaign

Beyond personal interest.

Felloz started, after the founder Raphael learned about the donation experience first hand, as he did D2D fundraising in Germany. And as you can guess, the overall experience wasn't that great.

After interviewing not only organizations, but also people who want to contribute, we learned even more about the current status and problems the donation industry faces.

Now, in 2021, we have the solution for everything. And not only that, we also have the right team and infrastructure in place, which allows us to get Felloz rolling as fast as possible, so we can have a real impact in the world. We are working hard everyday, so we can really change the world one donation at a time.

First idea formulated in
and gets improved every day
We currently raised
for our clients
We had around
company ping pong tournaments
We have
amazing people advising us

Get To Know The Founders

Raphael Marton Founder of Felloz


Ceo & founder

A visionary leader who is pretty good at ping pong. As a D2D-fundraiser he got aware of the problem and founded the company on this.

Niklas Zechner Co-Founder of Felloz



Creative, but critical mind who always tries to make things as easy as possible. As the chief marketing officer he listens to his clients and always improves the product on their behalf.

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