Get funds easily and delight your future supporters.

If your NGO struggles reaching younger target groups, imagine how your own donation app could solve this problem. What’s best: This app is already built, you just need to take the next step.

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Focus on the important things.

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    Completely finance projects
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    Delight your donors
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    Become an innovation driver
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    Open up to younger target groups
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"The donation sector needs transparent digitization!"
Der Standard

Make your supporters happy.

  • Easy to use donation app
  • Show them their impact
  • Keep them returning to you over and over again.
  • With Apple Pay, donating becomes even easier.
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"Anyone who has a smartphone can donate."
Technical University Graz

Start raising funds in a cool & fun way.

Reach younger target groups and convert them to life-long supporter by simply speaking their language.
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Venture capital backed.

Since summer 2021, Fil Rouge Capital put their trust and money into our idea. With them, we have a strong, international partner on our side.

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"The donation field needs transparent digitization."

"It's not enough to publish a page-long donation report once a year. With authentic video content in the app, we ensure that donors can really see what their good deed has achieved."

"By establishing new ways for visibility and digitalization, his ultimate goal is the empowerment of voluntary organizations."